high-velocity duct systems

For most homeowners, air conditioning or heating is a necessity. During the construction phase of a new home, builders and owners might be faced with the decision of picking between low-velocity duct systems and high-velocity duct systems to cool the house.

The style picked will determine how large the ducts need to be, so it is a decision that should be made as early as possible during construction planning.

Homeowners should find out more about high-velocity mini duct systems, its pros and cons, and various costs before making the decision.

Hi Velocity systems are:

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling

Understanding the Difference Between Air Handling Systems

Typically, those who want to install a system for heating and cooling the whole home will choose between a low-velocity system and a high-velocity system. The latter works through aspiration, which creates currents constantly moving the air and keeping the room at a stable temperature of the user’s choosing.

This is in contrast to the more traditional low-velocity or forced air systems, which use diffusion to drop cool air from one vent and then draw air back out through the return. Because of the nature of aspiration, a high-velocity system requires minimal duct work, and in some cases all it takes is a small plastic pipe rather than a traditional duct.

Air Handling Systems

Advantages of A High-Velocity Mini Duct System

The primary advantages of choosing a high-velocity mini duct system include their minimally invasive ducts, their energy efficiency, their easy installation, the fact that they can cool a room in less time and their low noise levels. Because the ducts used in a high-velocity system are so small, they won’t require a lot of remodeling to accommodate them, and they won’t take up a lot of extra space in the home.

These mini duct systems are also incredibly efficient at heating and cooling in a hurry, which is a plus for people who tend to turn their systems off during the day and then desire instant temperature changes when they return home. To top it all off, high-velocity mini duct systems can be very quiet, use less energy and be installed in far less time than traditional low-velocity mini duct systems.

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